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We offer comprehensive range of design services
Consultation to relocation service

We will conduct a survey and understand the current situation to accommodate individual client needs.
After discussing the business unit, organizational management, and future personnel, we will design a flexible and functional office space.
In order to achieve a bright and comfortable office, we will also propose an air- conditioning and lighting plan. We will adjust according to the clients' budget by recommending good material and construction method. Our services includes planning, design, interior construction, furniture, furniture delivery, and transportation by experienced professionals.
We regularly communicate with our manufacturers and our building management and staffs to avoid unnecessary mistakes and complete the whole project.


Wether it be from concept stages
to completion

We will pursue an interior design, graphic design, and furniture layout that would reflect the business class corporate image.
We will propose an office space that offer comfort and a motivational working atmosphere.
We will work within the limited budget offered in a short period of time.
We will offer a safety and security regulation in case of sudden natural or human disaster occur, people could safely evacuate the building.

Total Package

We have our own style to support your needs

Creating offices can be divided into 7 categories. However, it is very difficult to understand since they are technical . You have another job, you might not have the time to think about a new plan. You want to organize your networks but you have no time. You want to emphaisize your corporate culture but your thoughts are all over the places. An office design specialist will assist in any way and will offer you a free cost estimate. We will create an office where functionality and design is taken into consideration. We only accept orders from each package.


Office has now become not just a work place, but a place where individuals and repetitive work forces are gradually replaced by collaborative and creative team work that are greatly affected by good working environments provided by employers. It is one of those corporate strategies to create an equation being...
"Corporate environment" = "Corporate image"
We always try to support and help the environment by turning offices into largely automated, to create a paper less work environment. We believe this would promote work efficiency. On top of that, it will push everyone to show the best of their abilities. This is a movement for creating an environment in conformity with a generation with innovative ideas.
Office Sekkei offer broad range of office services, whether you are looking for office transformation, relocating to a new building, or simply rethinking the space you have, we can help you manage your existing building, We also fix problem from air-conditioning, electrical, lighting, plumbing, security and much more.
As a registered First Class Architectural Office, our comprehensive design and project management service will provide you with a complete solution, within your budget.
We Office Sekkei will continue our efforts to design the best offices, stores and houses.


Meeting space



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We support a wide range of fields the office building of a variety of domestic and foreign companies.

"Seeking for
an ideal office environment"

Ever since 40 years ago when we first established this company, we have been doing everything that is related to offices' and stores' interior , from office layout, and design to construction, to anything that comes with the package, from selling new office furnitures, and information appliances to moving and maintenance like all around services. We have dealt with domestic Japanese enterprise, and corporations or stores that seek to go global. From basic interior design, to stores' and office building planning, construction, electrical installation, or even phone line wiring. We seek for clients' total convenience, and because of that we want to recruit people from various of fields to strengthen our company.

We are still growing as a company.

We believe that office space is the key ingredient of corporate management, We share a vision of creating office space that function as the heart of intellectual creation that would benefit our clients, since the founding of our company. Therefore, we are not only looking for expertise that can work with us, but we are also looking for comrades that share the same vision as us. If you have experiences designing offices or stores, why don't you join us and work on bigger projects? If you have experiences working as project managers we believe that you would be able to fully make use of your experiences. If you can use Autocad, we will assign you furniture layouts and plans. If you lack business experiences, we would make the best of your interest in interior and design. For new graduates, it does not matter which type of occupation you choose, by starting as assistant, we would raise you to become the true professional of your field. Why not join us and be a part of our professional team.

We won't just be expending in Japan, but we will also actively seeking chances to go abroad.

Since 1987, the first overseas branch in Los Angeles, we have been establishing, from New York, Chicago, San Fracisco in America, to London, Deusedoff, and Paris in Europe. We have been helping Japanese corporations establishing office overseas by designing offices.



Occupation category

- We are hiring talented designers and salespeople from overseas.
- We are hiring architects, designers and salespeople within Japan.
- We are hiring concert management staff.

  • A. Salesperson
  • B. Architect
  • C. Project manager
  • D. Interior designer
  • E. Concert management staff (graduates from music major, or anyone with business skills.)
  • F. New graduate
Job description
  • A. To take part as an interior designer, take charge of everything from coordinating with the supplier, design & layout to construction site.
  • B. To act as an instructor and advisor, overseeing all office building designs, meeting with clients and make sure all projects is running well.
  • C. To take charge of construction managements, act as a field manager for designated projects.
  • D. Autocad operator, to prepare detailed office layouts and plans for projects.
  • E. To manage and plan for music concerts, from performers' invitations, brochure design, to management of music concert.
  • F. All of the above plus general office work.
  • 1. Salary : Fixed salary (Salary may increase according to one's experience and skills.)
  • 2. Overseas offices (New York, Chicago, San Fracisco, Los Angeles, London)
  • 3. Working hours : 8:50-17:45
  • 4. Leaves : Weekends (except for every other Saturday) National holidays, Golden Week, Summer vacation, Year end-and New Year, Annual leave, Special occasion leave (Marriage and funeral)
  • 5. Others : Annual salary raise, transportation fees aid(20,000 yen Max.) Social Insurances, Worker's property accumulation savings (Japan only)

Company DATA

Business contents
  • Offices' interior design, construction
  • Event planning, and operating
  • Wine sales and imports
  • Restaurant business
  • Cross industrial association, social services

Tokyo Marine& Nichido Fire Insurance, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, East Japan Railway Company, Tobu Railway Company, Shinwa Kaiun Kaisha, Mitsubishi Motors, Nippon Kayaku, Tokyu Construction Company, Toda Corporation, Tokyu Department Store, Mitsukoshi Department Store, Yomiuri Land, Sohgo Security Services, Nippon Medical School, Musashi Inst. Of Technology, Sanno University, Japan Quality Assurance Organization, Foreign Embassies in Japan, Morinaga Milk Industry, Morinaga, Pasona Global, ROHM Semiconductor Company, The Nikkei, Itoen Limited.

Company Profile
Company name
Office Sekkei Corporation of Japan
Current address:
1F 1-7-27 Zentoku Roppongi Bldg., Minatoku District, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan TEL:03-5545-1101 FAX:03-5545-0901

1F 1-7-27 Zentoku Roppongi Bldg., Minatoku District, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
[Head office human resource]


Office Sekkei America
TEL: 310-715-1001 FAX: 310-527-2185

Office Sekkei Europe
TEL: 020-7288-1000  

TEL: 03-5545-1101 FAX: 03-5545-0901

Company Overview,Access

Company Name
Office Sekkei Corporation of Japan
1F 1-7-27 Zentoku Roppongi Bldg., Minatoku District,Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: 03-5545-1101 FAX: 03-5545-1109
Date Established
March 1, 1973
Office Sekkei was born in New York!
We are a world leading company that construct interior offices. Office Sekkei was established in 1973. It was among the first company in the world that offers a total design package including interior design, coordinating with manufacturers, transporting furniture and constructing building. The pioneer office builder, Office Sekkei, will continue to grow and expand building offices.

Office Sekkei Corporation of Japan(Headquarters)
〒106-0032 1F 1-7-27 Zentoku Roppongi Bldg., Minatoku District,Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
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1-7-27zentokuroppongi Bld.1F, Roppongi , Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
TEL: 03-5545-1101 FAX: 03-5545-0901


1-17-26 nakatsugurando Bld.7F-C, Nakatsu, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 531-0071, Japan
TEL: 06-6372-6006 FAX: 06-6372-6020


2-10-30interizientorin Bld.1F, Marunochi, Naka-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-0002, Japan
TEL: 052-979-5341 FAX: 052-979-5343

Office Sekkei America, Inc

New York Area

545 8th Avenue, Suite 620
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (212)661-0088

San Francisco Area

1191 Chess Drive, Suite B
Foster City, CA 94404
Phone: (650)577-1001

Los Angeles Area

20655 S. Western Avenue, Suite 120
Torrance, CA 90501
Phone: (310)715-1001

Chicago Area

3601 Algonquin Road, Suite 107
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
Phone: (847)392-2222

Office Sekkei Europe, Ltd.

London Area

Suite 133, Business Design Centre 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH, U.K.
Phone: 020-7288-1000 E-Mail:

DESIGN K & OFFICESEKKEI GROUP CHART Administration Company Japan Office Service America, Inc. LOS ANGELES HQ Operating Company OFFICE SEKKEI TOKYO HQ Operating Company Office Sekkei Europe, Ltd. LONDON HQ Operating Company Office Sekkei America, Inc. NEW YORK HQ Operating Company DESIGN K TOKYO HQ Operating Company DESIGN K MANAGEMENT(wine celler K) TOKYO HQ Holding Company Design K & Office Sekkei Holding Delaware HQ

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