- We are hiring designers and salespeople in overseas.

- We are hiring architects, designers and salespeople in Japan.

① New Graduates

② Mid-Carrer

■Occupation category

(1)Salesperson(Architecture)※Executive candidates


(3)Interior designer, CAD designer

(4)Concert management staff (graduates from music major, or anyone with business skills.)

■Job Description

(1) To take part as an interior designer, take charge of everything from coordinating with the supplier, design & layout to construction site.

※To act as an instructor and advisor, overseeing all office building designs, meeting with clients and make sure all projects is running well.

(2)To take charge of construction managements, act as a field manager for designated projects.

(3)Autocad operator, to prepare detailed office layouts and plans for projects.

(4) To manage and plan for music concerts, from performers' invitations, brochure design, to management of music concert.

All of the above plus general office work.

■Company Profile

An Overall Branches(included overseas)Working Hours 8:50~17:45



1. Monthly Salary ※preferential treatment depends on the experience and tarrent.

2. An annual pay raise Supply transport expenses(Up to 20,000 JPY)Social Insurance, Build‐up savings ※Only Japan

3. A five-day workweek(Monday to Friday ※Work on every other Saturday)Holiday, GW, New Years Holiday, Annual leave,

Congratulations and Condolences



Office Interior Design, Construction


Tokyo Marine& Nichido Fire Insurance, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, East Japan Railway Company, Tobu Railway Company, Shinwa Kaiun Kaisha, Mitsubishi Motors, Nippon Kayaku, Tokyu Construction Company, Toda Corporation, Tokyu Department Store, Mitsukoshi Department Store, Yomiuri Land, Sohgo Security Services, Nippon Medical School, Musashi Inst. Of Technology, Sanno University, Japan Quality Assurance Organization, Foreign Embassies in Japan, Morinaga Milk Industry, Morinaga, Pasona Global, ROHM Semiconductor Company, The Nikkei, Itoen Limited.


Company Name

Office Sekkei Corporation

Head Office

1F 1-7-27 Zentoku Roppongi Bldg., Minatoku District, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan  TEL:03-5545-1101 FAX:03-3560-9180


1F 1-7-27 Zentoku Roppongi Bldg., Minatoku District, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan
[Head office human resource]


Office Sekkei America

TEL: 310-715-1001 FAX: 310-527-2185

Office Sekkei Europe


Office Sekkei Japan

TEL: 03-5545-1101 FAX: 03-3560-9180


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TEL: 03-5545-1101  FAX: 03-5545-1109

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